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What a Wonderful Time to be a Creative Genius

Digital publishing technology has enriched the lives of content produces as well as content consumers.

Advanced software, digital publishing platforms, direct to market print publishing, video distribution methods, social media, and worldwide JiT distribution are just a few of the many opportunities available creative types to leverage technology.

Digital publishing technology allows creative types to share their stories with the world.

At Soluna Publishing, we discover and carefully develop promising authors, bloggers, vloggers, curators, and other artists. Then we use our expertise to publish, promote, and distribute their work to consumers worldwide.

Soluna Publishing: The Magic Academy for Creative Personalities

Print Design & Branding Examples


High Impact Trade Paperback Fiction

Bold creative work deserves to be showcased with a bold print and digital presentation. 

Soluna specializes in developing new talent and bringing their magic to trade paperback and ebook markets via global distribution channels.

We do this by carefully evaluating scores of submissions.

We isolate promising writers, photographers and people with truly unique ideas.

We develop those writers, ideas, and opportunities into marketable brands and products.


Featured Authors

Lisa Coots

Paranormal Romance in haunting rural settings. Replete with fascinating characters, strong family ties, and tender romantic themes.

Paul Marx

Louisiana music radio pioneer Paul Marx shared his impactful memoir with us and we knew it had to go to print. A book like no other was published in December of 2015!